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A Beginner’s Guide to Develop and Market an App

With all the technological advancements various applications are being made to solve a plethora of problems nowadays. If you have a feasible idea and you want to solve a potential problem or just build an application for a business you might have a lot of questions.

You might not be sure where to start from and how to take your application to the next level and let people know about it. Here are some points that will definitely help you from launching your application to marketing it to the world:

  1. Start with ideas

It is completely fine to start with a lot of ideas many of the successful businesses have started with ideas. Ideas give rise to a lot of possibilities for you to explore. An application can also be an amalgamation of a lot of different ideas put together. To start with your ideas you can use some tools.

For example, Google trends. If your mobile app is about ‘Space heater’ you can type in search bar as shown in picture below. Then you will get the result based on regions interested in ‘Space Heater’.

You can also go for the trial and error method and this will not cost you much either. You can build an app over some ideas that you think will work and release it. Check for its popularity and if it does not seem to grasp the user’s interest you may change the idea and release another idea. Eventually one of your ideas will be a big hit!

  1. Prototype

This is one of the most necessary steps of all because prototyping your application will help you design a perfect application.

You can download software that allows you to design the UI of the desired application and you can run the application design and look for flaws.

For Example, You can use Balsamiq Prototyping tool.

You can even ask your trusted circle of people who might help you with their honest reviews. Once the prototype is completely ready you can proceed to the next step.

  1. Take it slow

In your app’s initial days in the market after the deployment make sure you charge people less or make the app’s any in-app purchases a bit cheaper. Once you know that your application’s demand is increasing you can leap forward and just increase that capital.

Your slow and steady moves are very necessary at this juncture as you do not know how the users are going to respond to this new application.

  1. Discover your customers

Now that you do have an application of your own you have to start discovering what kind of customers like your creation.

Your application is not going to get popular on its own you will have to put in a lot of effort to put out in front of the public. The answer is marketing! If you want to reach the maximum audience. You can use the app store’s optimization tool to enhance your chances of getting discovered when people try to search for applications similar to yours.

  1. Single platform applications are better

If you are concerned about the user’s experience you will not be able to give it if you are keen on developing a cross-platform app.

You can choose one platform such as android and start working on it. You can avoid issues like inconsistent data and bugs if you opt for a single platform application.

  1. Easy to use design

You have to make sure you design an app that will be easy for the users to understand and use. Complex apps will give way to negative reviews which might be the reason for a sudden decline in downloads. You can also choose colors that complement the theme of the app.

For example, if you are designing an app for the younger crowd you should play with a lot of colors whereas for a professional application you can choose some colors that make the application look sleek. The appearance of the application is also of utmost importance.

  1. Development costs

Your application’s development cost mainly depends upon how complex your app’s UI is and the features that you are trying to imbibe in it. The more the features and functionality more is the more cost. If you are not a developer than I recommend that you must hire a mobile app development company or an expert app developer.

It can vary from $2500 to $10,000 depending on the versatility of your application. This cost will be your initial investment in starting your business through a mobile application.

There are also some app testing to use as follows:




  1. Application marketing

With the rise of various social media platforms, you can personally promote your application or create an official account.

You can also promote it by paying some money for a specified amount of time and this investment will surely help you in pulling the crowd that you are expecting to use your application.

  1. Do not be afraid of some loss

Not all businesses make it to the top in the first attempt so you have to be ready for anything. If your application fails for the first time you can try some other ideas and not give up hope. Applications are a tricky business and you have to wait for the right audience to monetize your application and gain profit.

These are the steps that you can follow in order to start your own application business and marketing it to earn your return on investment!

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