Best Pen Drive to have in your Pocket

We are at the age of technology where data is the lifeline. In this time each and every one need lot more spaces to store their valuable documents. But it is not possible to carry your laptop or tablet all the time. So, if you want to carry your documents then pen drive is the perfect option. If you are a student, teacher or belongs to any other professional you can not deny the usefulness of a pen drive. In this digital world pen drive is one of the most pocket-friendly devices by which you can store your valuable documents and also transfer it from one device to another.

Here we are suggesting you some best pen drives which provide you best security and portability. This best pen drives are well built so that you can use it without any worry. Some times earlier we can not even find out a 512mb pen drive, but right now we have so many options of storage. Not only storage or durability there is also another thing transfer speed which is same important as well. So, if you are looking to have a magnetic phone charger for your use then you are in right place. In this list we are

suggesting you the best pen drives which will help you to chose what is the ideal option for you.

1. Samsung BAR Plus 32GB – 200MB/s USB 3.1 Flash Drive Champagne Silver (MUF-


If you are searching for a pen drive by which you can expand your storage then this is the best option. With the speed of 200mbps it will work faster so that you will have so much time to enjoy your work. It will take only 14 seconds to send a 3gb 4k UHD video file from your pen drive to your pc.You can feel free to go anywhere because your valuable documents or files will be secure. Samsung’s leadership in flash memory makes this pen drive very trustworthy. The strudy metal body makes this pen drive water proof, shock-proof, temperature-proof, magnet-proof, and x-ray proof. Speed is the most important part of any pen drive. If speed matter the most to you then this is the best option. It will give you typical write speed up to 50mbps and read speed up to 300mbps. You should remember the speed of Bar Plus 64/32gb model is up to 200mbps and for 256/128gb

model the speed is up to 300mbps. 256/128gb model will take 10 seconds to send a 3gb 4k UHD video file from your pen drive to your pc. This pen drive is also waterproof up to 72 hrs in sea water and shock proof up to 1500 gravitational acceleration.

2. SanDisk Cruzer USB 2.0 Flash Drive

In the world of pen drive SanDisk is the game changer. If you think to buy a pen drive then SanDisk Cruzer is the better option. This pen drive is ideal for storing your important and valuable files like videos, photos and essential documents etc.

You can store your valuable file in this and fill free to go wherever you want. This is easy to use. Files can be moved easily from one pc to another pc or other devices. SanDisk Cruzer can be available in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB.

This pen drive can be used in both mac and windows system. If you want to transfer your music, video or picture this pen drive offers you portable storage that you can trust. It has the feature of password protection so that your valuable file will be secured. SanDisk Cruzer has 128-bit AES encryption software by which you can make an easy password to protect your valuable file. Just you have to create a private folder on your drive with the help of SanDisk secure access software. After that you have to drag and drop your files into the folder. Your file will be protected. This password protection software is supported by windows vista, windows 7,

windows 8, windows 10. In my point of view who love to secure their data they can easily trust on SanDisk Cruzer. This pen drive has the sliding USB connecter which makes the connecter well protected. If you wants to get updates then you will get every single update about pen drive from Tenstuf.

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