The Best Way to Keep Your Pharma Industry Well Equipped to Fight any Situation

No matter how down economy goes, the pharmaceutical industry can never stop working not just in India but worldwide. And especially the Indian pharmaceutical market is the global supplier of most of the generic drugs. Even during the COVID-19 crisis where other countries were struggling with the shortage of HCQ drugs (claimed to be useful in treating Coronavirus infections), Indian medical supply helped many such countries.

Thus, an industry that works for the welfare of mankind irrespective of what situation is, should be well equipped with modern tools and technology to be always ready to fight any circumstances. That is, it is high time now for pharmaceutical companies to realize the importance of automation software, capable of handling entire business operations digitally. This would not just bring more accuracy in formulations and efficiency in the work processes but also reduce the manual efforts and their dependency for executing repetitive tasks.

Best Pharma ERP Software

SAP Business One pharma ERP software has been recognized as the best fit software for all specific requirements of the pharma industry. Plus it’s in-built intelligence helps you formulate or make variations in formulations efficiently without wasting too much of your valuable time. It ensures the both the process of production and the end-product formulation are compliant to the statutory regulations. From formulation to production and then supplying to accounting, each and every step goes through strict quality checks so that only the best product reaches the customer and only accurate entries are marked in the accounting.

SAP Business One’ unparallel features will help you grow digitally as you bring more accuracy and potency to your drug formulations. Let’s understand these features in detail.

SAP Business One’ Pharma Compatible Features

  1. Formulation and Inventory Control: With robust ERP, SAP Business One, you need no to spend hours with hit and trial methods while working on formulations. SAP B1 with its smartest technology will help you with the best-fit method, sampling and formula costing. Plus with efficient inventory control, you may never run out of raw materials needed and decisively reduce the wastage.
  2. Global management and Supply: Being a globally accepted ERP, SAP Business One efficiently integrates your global networks and supply chain and gives you a bird’s eye view of all the activities in just a few clicks.
  3. Market Trends: With SAP B1 ERP’s robust adaptive capability to all the changing market trends, regulations and compliances – It keeps you well updated and helps in formulating only the compliant drugs.
  4. Production and Planning: One of the most significant features of drug formulation is its production. SAP B1 helps you with the material and production planning while keeping a close tab on each batch produced by maintaining proper records, costing and other maintenance planning schedules.
  5. Vendor, sales and Finance Management: No more need for keeping books and spreadsheets for vendors and finance purposes as the ERP stores all the relevant data from contacting vendors to list of loyal customers to supply and final transaction.

Key Takeaway

Being associated with the most precious industry for humanitarian aid, it is your responsibility to keep your pharma company well equipped and compliant to all regulations, and the easiest way to achieve the same is by adopting an ERP. So why wait? Contact ERP consultants right now and enquire the SAP Business One Price today.

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