The Essential Guide to Hair Removal During Lockdown – Hair Removal Wax

When it comes to hair removal wax, any technique is inevitable and comes with pros and cons. Shaving is instant and comfortable but needs to be done often. Removal of hair using the laser is permanent, but it’s costly compared to waxing products. Depilatories are useful but can be messy and smelly at times and then there is waxing. 


There is no denying the fact that it is an extremely productive way to eliminate unwanted hair; by drawing the hair out of the root, the results will last longer when compared to shaving. It can be done all over your body, from your brow to your bikini line. The overall cons? Salon waxing can become costly, while home options can be painful, untidy, and maybe uncomfortable. 


Before starting off with waxing, make sure you are aware of preparing an in-home waxing kit. Following things you should know before you start to wax on your own.

Things to Know Before Going Ahead With Waxing


  1. Examine the length of your hair


Of course, your hair should be grown to a specific extent. To be precise, your hair should be ¼ of an inch, which can ease hair removal. Frequent waxing can loosen your skin. 

  1. Check your menstrual cycle

 Avoid waxing during your periods. As waxing can cause a tremendous amount of pain, you don’t want to experience that pain during your periods. You should finish waxing two weeks before your cycle. 


  1. Do not Exfoliate

 It’s not right to exfoliate before you start waxing. It makes your skin more sensitive and makes your skin prone to pain and allergy. 


  1. Do not moisturize

Moisturizer acts as a blocking agent during waxing. Moisturizing makes your hair hard to pull out from your skin. 


  1. 5. Maintain Hygiene

First, wash your hands thoroughly and sterilize the waxing tools. Also, use alcohol to sanitize your waxing tools. 


  1. Pain- proof sensitive areas

 Do ice those areas before you start waxing. This may include underarms, lips, etc. Ice helps to numb those areas, and you feel pain during waxing. 

Different Types of Wax You can Try

  1. Sugar Wax – A combination of sugar, lemon, and warm water helps in making the sugar wax accessories. The sugar wax is used for centuries. It pulls out hair from the root and will not affect your skin and is best suited for susceptible skin. 


  1. Chocolate Wax – Chocolate wax is an excellent option for waxing. It’s like a bar of chocolate in your mouth. Chocolate wax causes less pain when compared to sugar wax. It also supplements antioxidant properties to your skin. It also contains Glycerine. 


  1. Fruit Wax – Fruit wax is made out of extracts from bananas and berries. It contains all the natural nutrients and nourishes your skin. 


You can also try out some other wax types including Hot Was, Cold Wax and others.


Have a Professional Waxing Kit


Transform your home into a spa with a complete waxing kit. A waxing kit contains all the essential stuff to get super smooth, all over your body. In the waxing package, there is a wax you could find at the spas. It needs no waxing strip. It coats the entire body with wax by removing even the coarse and shorter hairs. 


This kit also contains pre and post waxing oil with a soothing apricot oil and chamomile flower oil-packed inside it. It has no waxing strips, so you have to heat it in a microwave till it bears honey-like density. The waxing accessories include pre- and post- waxing oils, wax, and sometimes a waxing strip.  


Waxing Strips

Numerous brands offer you waxing strips all across the globe. Some of the waxing pieces can be used on the face and the body while others can be used only on the face. 


The waxing strips have a great disadvantage – they can be extremely irritating for your skin to bear at some point. 


Vital Benefits of Homemade Wax

Homemade waxing can look to be a time consuming and tiresome job but there are many benefits of using a homemade wax. 



  • Lower cost


Salon waxing can cost anywhere from $30 to $50 or more, depending on the body part you want to get waxed. Many of the ingredients and tools for homemade wax can be purchased from online and offline sources, cleaned, and reused for significantly reduced costs in the long run. 


  • Better ingredients


 All salons don’t use natural waxes, and some waxes may contain additives and chemicals that can irritate your skin. Creating your homemade wax can ensure that you use safe and natural ingredients. 


  • More privacy

Even though professionals perform body waxing, some people may feel awkward or shy to be waxed by a stranger. 


     The Bottom Line in Waxing

The best alternative for salon waxing is homemade waxing. There are plenty of options for homemade wax-like soft wax, wax blends, hard wax, and sugar wax. There are many benefits and many limitations in homemade waxing. Some people don’t care about the money and they wish to go to a salon for waxing, however, it depends on the individual.

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