What is iOS? Basic information about iOS

IOS is the operating system created by Apple Incorporated that runs on all of Apple’s mobile devices. After Android, the apple’s iOS is the second most popular mobile operating system in the world. Retention gestures are used, such as swiping the finger on the device to go to the next page to work.

Pinching your finger to zoom the screen can do all this without stopping you in iOS. The sensor in your device becomes very strong, which makes it easy to detect your fingers immediately and make iOS work easier.

controls all aspects of the hardware as well as handles all the functions of the software. Apple’s App-store has over 2 million iOS applications available for download, which is the most popular App-store of all mobile devices.

History of ios?

In 2005, when Steve Jobs started planning to make an iPhone, he had two options: first to shrink the MSC ie Mac which is the desktop of Apple company and second, to make IPod bigger and to solve this problem, they make Mac and iPod. And he decided to make iOS for the iPhone. After that, in January 2007, the new operating system was released with the iPhone.

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At the time of the release of the iPhone, the operating system was named IPhone OS, initially in the iPhone OS. No Thread party App was allowed to run in the device.

Steve Jobs was of the view that the application developers could develop web apps via SafariWebBrowser so that the iPhone would rely on web apps that would behave like native apps.

The iPhone SDK was ready on 6 March 2008, planned for handheld in February, and it was announced on 10 July 2008 to open the iOS AppStore initially with 500 applications,

These apps were collectively downloaded more than 130 billion times, which was a big deal, in September 2007, Apple announced the iPod after that in January 2010.

Announced IPed which had a larger screen than the iPhone and IPod designed for web browsing, mediaconversion, and redeeming. In June 2010, Apple replaced the iPhone OS as iOS before Apple OS couldn’t handle more programs. .

That forced them to create a new mobile operating system IOS. Apple’s iOS is the current main software that runs on all models of iPhone, IPed, iPod Tuch and IPed Mini mobile devices and the same software works on Apple’s smart watch.

Whenever someone adds a new feature in iOS, it is called software update. Currently the latest version of iOS is iOS 12, the new version released on September 2018, with more focus on performance, and the main hardware platform for iOS is ARM Architecture. IOS is the only iOS device to date. Can be run on devices with 32 bit ARM processors.

But in 2013 iOS has been released with full 64 bit processor support. Apple’s new version iOS 12 will be available on all devices that run on 64 processors.

It is a special feature of iOS whenever there are new features in it. If added, it immediately allows for software updates in all of Apple’s devices while waiting for the new mobile operating system to get into their device even after the new feature is released.

How is iOS different from other operating systems

IOS is completely different from other operating systems because of it keeps all the apps in its own device inside its protective shell so that the app is separated fromeach other.

IOS is designed so that If the device accidentally gets virus through the app, then it can fail to damage other apps, whereas in other operating systems, no such feature is found that the protective elements in iOS are surrounded by apps. Therefore, due to them, there is a lot of shortage in apps because an app is not able to get a direct copy from another app like we see in the Android OS device that if a link to news is sent to someone on WhatsApp then we can As we can see with the help of Chrome.

One of the main differences between iOS and Android is that people like it very much that you get the choice with Android.

In which you can use other company’s phones which have Android operating system like Samsung, LG, HTC, Xiomi, Micromax whereas iOS is a uniform platform that can only run on devices made by Apple. .

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