Few must-have features for the windows Spy App


Windows spy application is a must-have these days when you are running a large company full of employees. Most companies use the Windows operating system on their computers and laptop, which makes it easier for the employees to access. Moreover, the spy on the windows can be a bit more comfortable than the Mac OS. When you are trying out several Windows spy apps, you need to have an eye for the must-have features that you find common in most of the applications and are worth the most. However, before that, you need to know why do you need the windows spy application? The windows Spy application is usually great for tracking and monitoring the employees and other people. You can use these spy applications for various purposes.

What should be the must-have features in the windows spy application?

The windows spy application has a foundation of a few of the basic features that are a must. These features of the application will make it a perfect match for you if you find the perfect feature that you need. There are some of the features that we are listing below. Those are the must features.

  • Windows browsing history
  • Activity logs
  • Surround recorder
  • Computer camera photos

The above four features are the must-have for every windows application for tracking. Find out the details about these features below.

Windows browsing history

Now the host or the user can easily find out the history and the websites that were visited on the windows operating system. The user can remotely check the history of the various internet browsers. The browser that the windows spy application can track includes Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome. You can check out the bookmark websites and other websites visited on the operating system to know the interest of the targeted user and further information as well.

Activity logs

When Windows browsing history tells you about the websites explode or browsing, you also need to know what else was done on the computer. The activity logs will tell you about the quick statistics about the usage of the computer. And you can also have the report of the keystrokes and the data stats.

Surround recording

The host will want to check the activities on the Internet and the operating system, but you will also want to listen to the conversations in real-time. This surround system for voice recording gets the job done. You can use the surround recording feature and listen to The Voices around the targeted device and record these voices with the help of windows spy app.

Computer camera photos

This feature provides you with the access to a computer camera. You can check the photos and click the photos as well. This way, you will be getting all the information regarding the computer and the targeted device. The host will be able to capture the screen as well if required. There is a timestamp also available with photos to know what time they were taken.

Which windows spy application offers all these features? TheOneSpy is one of the finest applications for tracking and spying, where you can find all the must-have features.

Benefits of Windows Spy application

With the world of Technology, there is a great benefit of spy applications.

  • The spy application provides you with the activity of the computer on the mobile phone. By using the Windows Spy application, you can get the report of all the activities on the targeted device.
  • Real-time monitoring can also be done with the spy applications that let you grab most of the information that is real and has the perfect timing.
  • Easy-to-access control panels of the window spy application make it easier to use the various features of the spy applications.
  • There are plethora of reasons to use the windows spy application. The first is to know what your kids and employees are doing and to make sure they are out of trouble and not leaking your confidential information.


Whether you are trying to access the most information or keep an eye on the employees, you may need a Windows spy application. So, it is best to get your hands on the perfect option with the must-have features so that you do not end up with an application that is not perfect for tracking the information and waste your money only.


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