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Which Niches Are The Best To Start For Blog Writing

When it comes to creating a blog, the most important and worrying thing you have one thing that what would be the most profitable way to create a blog and what is the profitable niche for the blog or blogs name. Besides, if you create a blog on any topic, you will get more traffic and visitors and you will get good income from Adsense?

Create A Blog With Few Profitable Niches Or Categories

First of all, I will suggest you all, technology category or niche is much more profitable, if you can write an article on your blog with a good content idea.

This is because Google adsense shows ads with better CPCs in technology blogs or blogs making. Now I will discuss with you, which will be the best niches for a blog. Let us have a quick look on this topic.

1. Personal Finance Niche

Nowadays there is no such person who does not want to save his or her hard-earned money. Therefore, if you create a blog or blogs making about personal finance, there is a chance to get more traffic from Google search. Moreover, in finance related matters, you will get the opportunity to earn a good amount of money through Google Adsense.

2. Health And Fitness

Health and fitness, this topic has always been popular and prevalent on the Internet, because, every day people search a lot on the internet for various physical, mental or health problems. One of the most lucrative aspects of health is weight loss.

Moreover, Yoga, dieting, Herbal remedies, Natural Therapies and Healthy Living, meditation and such topics or topics are the most profitable and popular among health & fitness niche. One can also take the help of a web design company to develop their site.

3. Food And Recipes

Nowadays, many people are looking for rules for making different types of food online. In this case, if you know different food recipes, you can share those food recipes with people through a blog or blogs making. Food and recipe blogs have a lot of traffic and visitors through Google search engine.

4. Android Apps & Software

If you are interested in technology, application or android, then you can create a blog on the subject of “Android apps”. In your blog, you can write about different work apps, new apps or apps that are more different. Today, 85% of people use Android mobile. Therefore, in order to find the best apps for your mobile, thousands of people do a Google search.

5. Smartphone

Like Android apps, Smartphone niche blogger has become a very lucrative niche for a day and a half. Today, college students and older people are also interested in buying Android mobiles. In this case, people first search Google for different mobiles. Every day millions of Google searches are done on various mobile topics. You can also give ads on established blogs for sale to sell your site.

6. Education & Learning

If you have experience or knowledge about a particular subject, you can create an educational & learning blog on that subject. Today the internet is so popular and prevalent anywhere in any field that people search the internet first to learn or gain knowledge of anything. Therefore, you can create a tutorial and learning blog on topics you know.

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