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Safe places to visit in India for Solo female travellers

Women travelling alone used to be a piece of news earlier. But now more and more girls and women have been venturing out alone on a solo trip. Travelling solo in India comes with a lot of challenges. It is still not completely safe to travel alone in this country. But there are a few places where you will find helpful and warm locals that will make your trip worth the effort.

Mumbai city, Maharashtra

Yes, Delhi is the capital city of India, and you will think that this is the best place to visit first or have your home base. But I would say you should visit this financial capital of India – Mumbai, first. The city is much safer than Delhi, air pollution levels are low, and there are several retreats to the beaches and mountains of Sahyadri around Mumbai. You can keep your home base here in Mumbai, or even go to the nearby town of Pune. And you can visit the places around here. Mumbai is also the city that never sleeps. The vibe of the city will lift you. And it is completely safe for a girl to sit by the beach at night. You can learn more tips and tricks for Solo female travellers here.

Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh

If you want to do some excursions, treks or hikes in the Himalayas then this one is the best place which you can make your home for a while. Himachal Pradesh has a matriarchal society. And people in Dharamsala are modest and warm. You will feel right at home here. Dharamsala is a starting point for many treks and hikes into the majestic Himalayas. You will love the hills in McLeod Ganj too. Dharamsala is also the place where the Tibetian spiritual leader- Dalai Lama resides. You may want to visit Gyuto Tantric Gompa which is a beautiful Buddhist monastery and the Kalachakra temple. If you like museums you can visit the Men-Tsee-Khang Museum, Tibet Museum and the cultural museum.

Munnar, Kerala

Kerala is the southernmost state in India. It has the highest literacy rate and more female population. You will be most likely safe in the whole state. You should know English well because people here mostly don’t know Hindi. Knowing a few words from the local language Malayalam will be a bonus. The hills around Munnar are the best place to be explored. There are numerous hiking trails around the Western Mountains of India. You might want to visit the places like – Eravikulam National Park, Lakkam Waterfalls, Anamudi peak and the tea plantations. People here are honest and hardworking. The atmosphere and the landscape are very beautiful in the monsoon – June to Sept.

Port Blair, Andaman

This is the capital city located in the southern part of the Andaman and Nicobar islands. These islands are a perfect beach getaway in India. If you are craving a holiday in the Maldives, etc. You should look at these beautiful islands in India. It is completely safe to travel alone here. The police staff and the coast guards here ensure that there is no mess around. You can book yourself at a resort or a hotel here.

You will love everything from beaches lined with palm trees to white-sand beaches to turquoise water seas. Apart from the beaches, there are tropical rainforests and mangroves here. You might like to go scuba diving or snorkelling here, as there are sites rich with coral reefs and marine life.

Pondicherry, Puducherry

Pondicherry is a chic urban coastal town in southern India. Historically, Pondicherry was colonized by the French. And even today you can find beautiful french villas and chic boutiques here. The waters of the Bay of Bengal and the coastline are very beautiful. The place is completely safe because you won’t find any trouble in this pretty town. If you like French cuisine, and French culture, Pondicherry should be high on your list.

Gangtok, Sikkim

The northeast part of India is often forgotten, but this piece of land is full of adventures. Sikkim is the smallest state in India, but it is jam-packed with natural beauty and Buddhist temples. The people are amiable, smart and kind. You will definitely love watching the Himalayas from your balcony here. In addition to this, Sikkim provides many winter adventure sports facilities. You will also love paragliding in Ani Gumpa or rafting in Teesta. You can also trek to the Green Lake from its base called Thangu village

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