Science Based Benefits of Meditation

Few things can never be explained, but they makes success run after you..

Meditation in my words is a simple exercise which takes your entire body’s attention for few moments towards yourself, makes you realise who you really are, what you have been doing and what you have to do. It all depends on the student, whatever he wants to learn, meditation teaches.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is centralizing your mind, heart and soul by concentrating at the deepest point of the mind known as tenth door by ending all connectivity with the outer world for few moments.

As I said earlier, meditation takes your entire body’s attention by making you mentally, physically and emotionally focused. Apart from these, meditation also has scientific benefits. So let’s check out how it helps us.

Mental Health Benefits of Meditation

  1. Reduced Anxiety:

Today’s busy life of continuous working increases our stress level. Tension, worries or you make say stress; these words are now part of our regular conversation. We all are engaged in some work. It either motivates you with success or demoralizes you with failures. But we can reduce our stress level by regular practice of meditation. It helps us remain positive in every situation.

  1. Emotional Strength:

Our connectivity with everything in this world is because of emotions. As long as we are emotionally strong, every activity we are engaged in, gives positive returns. But it isn’t possible to be emotionally strong in every situation. Meditation makes you stable. Regular practice of method of meditation reduces negative thoughts and enhances positivity which helps you remain calm and emotionally strong.

  1. Creativity:

Creativity is an art which is god gifted and rarely seen in everyone. Creativity can’t be seen since birth but it develops with age, time and positive surroundings. It is possible to be creative with meditation. Meditation removes negativity and we begin to see the positive side of everything. Creativity nourishes with positivity. With regular meditation, you will become enriched with positive thoughts which will help you progress.

  1. Intuition:

We all are not psychic who can predict everything about our near future. We never know what surprises time is hiding in the next moment. Intuition is a psychic power which develops with positivity and with a strong connectivity with one’s soul. When we prefer silence more than anything else, our intuitive mind activates which begins to observe surroundings. With clear observation, it helps you quickly adapt to something and realise further.

  1. Clarity:

Clarity is that stage of mental health which shows how focused you are. As long as you are focused, your mind is clear. Doubts never arise when you are clear and optimistic. Clarity begins with concentration and grows with practice. Meditation can help you become clearer towards your aim, your plans, your execution and the outcomes.

  1. Peace in life:

Meditation introduces you with peace of mind. Few things are secretly hidden in us and they come out with meditation. Peace of mind is actually a relaxation which comes when you have no worries, no negative thoughts but positivity. Luckily, this can only remain forever if you meditate regularly.

  1. Increased mental agility:

A person can only gain experience with age and time but it is possible to look further and increase mental agility with meditation. Regularity in meditation helps you become emotionally strong, positive and gain corrective foresight. You live in present but you can have a good foresight with meditation. Maturity can be gained with meditation.

8. Sharp memory: With a stressful life, it isn’t possible to have sharp memory but it is important. Mediation helps in retention. It improves your memory and helps you access your past thoughts and present learning.

Physical Benefits of Meditation

  1. Stabilized blood pressure:

With meditation, your body gets time to retrieve energy. Our body’s working is directly connected to our mind and heart, which means it is connected to our thoughts too. With the process of meditation, our energy stabilizes and we reach the relaxation point where our thoughts are positive and that makes our blood pressure stabled.

  1. Improved sleep:

Mediation makes our body’s working easier by reducing stress. It improves our sleep because our thoughts are positive and that’s what makes us relaxed during sleep and when we get up, our body is repaired.

  1. Strong Immune System:

Meditation gives utmost results when it is practiced with “Pranayama”, it becomes a mental as well as physical exercise with timely breathing. It makes immunity stronger. A person who meditates with pranayama is stronger than others.

  1. Increased energy level:

Meditation stores your energy and it increases with time. It increases our attention time span and synchronizes it with our energy.

  1. Stronger Heart and Mind:

A human mind and heart never rests after birth according to scientists’ research. These two organs start working when we enter this world and only stop when we leave this world. We can never let them stop but if they work regularly it will cause various health issues and decreased life span. They slow down for a few moments when we meditate. The organs get time to relax and later work with improved efficiency.

Spiritual Benefits of Meditation

Life has various twists and turns, but it isn’t possible to live without realizing ourselves. Meditation connects us to our soul and inspires us to stay conscious towards our life’s actual aim, which is to utilize our time doing something which is beneficial to others and us. Meditation isn’t a quick fix; rather it heals a person spiritually.

We all get a single chance to make a change and that single chance is this moment! Meditation, like a great teacher, teaches everything to the one who wants to learn.

As long as we value our life we can make this world the best place, where everyone will live and not just survive..


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