How to Start a Mobile Repairing Business for Unemployed

Although people have an option of replacing a cellphone when it conks out, many of them prefer to have them repaired. Nowadays, smartphones are expensive, and therefore everyone can’t buy a new phone despite a little flaw.

If the display is damaged, it is worth having it repaired than buying a new cellphone. Nowadays people are frugal, and several repairing stores have opened to help you in case your phone is not working correctly.

There has been a surge in the repair shops because it is a profitable business. Even if you hire a couple of technicians, you can make the right amount of profits. You do not need to make it your primary source of income as you can manage it along with your full-time job.

This side business will help you tide over when you face financial downfall. Mobile repair business can help you have a considerable amount of money or you can seek external funding access like agent loans to your door if any financial gap persists. If you are looking to start a mobile repair business, you will have to follow the following steps.

Get certified

If you have decided to start a mobile repair business, the first thing you need to do is acquire a comprehensive knowledge of mobile repairing techniques.

A mobile user can come up with any problem – the display may get damaged, or it may have got moisture – therefore you should have complete knowledge about internal components.

You must know how each component is related to the other and functionalities of each of them. A mobile repair course is the best way to get hold of mobile functionalities.

There are several institutes you can join to learn about mobile repairing. You will learn both hardware and software repairing techniques. You can also learn mobile repairing through online videos.

Practical demonstration and work experience are crucial to run this business successfully. Therefore, you need to be in touch with an institute that could find a placement in a training centre.

Estimate the finances you need

The cost of starting a mobile repairing business is not very high, but it depends on the inventory you need. If you do not have enough capital, you can start with a few basic models, and once your business grows, you can increase the range as well as quantity. You will need part and tool inventory.

You will have to find out the demand for your service to decide the number of parts you need to align with it. You can start with 5 to 20 pieces so that you can serve your customers without facing any shortfall. Before you choose parts and tools, you must know which mobile phone model you would like to repair because android phones may have different elements from iPhones.

Once you have decided the parts, you will repair; the next step is to arrange all tools. Each device requires a different type of tool, so make sure that you have the right equipment all the time. It does not need you to shell out money, but loans without guarantor direct lender are an alternative in case you do not have enough money.

Obtain a licence

You must have the necessary permits to run a mobile repair business. During the process of obtaining a licence, you will need to disclose whether you are a sole proprietor or partner with somebody else.

You will also have to apply for an employer identification number to file tax returns. Try to get information about processing the licence from online sources so that you save your time in asking around.

Open a business bank account

It is usually recommended to have a separate business account from the personal one, otherwise it can put your personal assets at stake in case the business is sued. Further, it will be easy to keep your finances under control as you will have a full knowledge of how much cash is coming in from repairing orders. It will make tax filing easier and you will be able to build a business credit history that helps raise money down the road.

Promote your business

You will need to promote your business if you want to create a customer base. Unless you advertise you business, no one will be able to get to know about it. While you can promote your business with traditional marketing methods like handing out leaflets, an affordable approach will be using digital marketing methods.

Create a business account on social media platforms and let people know about your business. The more you promote, the more people will get to know. Make sure that you offer something unique like affordable prices to prevent them from going to your competitors.

If you want to run a mobile repair business, you will have to do your home work. In addition to getting certified, you need to look over your finances, arrange tools and parts of the model you will repair, and make a promotion strategy. It does not require huge investment, so you can easily manage to run this business. If you are unemployed and looking forward to opening a mobile repair business, a small amount of savings will be enough to get it off the ground.

Description: To start a mobile repairing business, you need to get certified, obtain a licence, open a business bank account and promote.

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