Top 10 essential Kathak dance accessories

Kathak is one of the dance forms of Indian classical dance, the word Kathak is derived from the Vedic Sanskrit word “Katha” which means story. A Kathak dancer can be seen as a storyteller, or you can also say that they communicate stories of ancient mythology through dance. Kathak is one of those dance forms that are performed by both Hindu and Muslim peoples. The costume is also unique for Kathak dancer. It consists of various elements starting from a long skirt and blouse to customary jewelry in the ears, nose, and neck. Hindu dancers usually prefer the sari or a full-length skirt. Whereas, the Muslim dancers prefer to use the long skirt with churidar design on it.

Here Are The Top 10 Essential Accessories For You

  1. Tika 

This accessory is basically for your forehead, and it adds a charm to your whole look. It is one of the necessary accessories that are needed for performance. It adores your forehead; usually, it hangs on your forehead and moves freely with your body movements.

  1. Ghungroo or Dancing Bells

This is the most vital accessory of Kathak because, without Ghungroo, your performance will be dull. They are basically many small metallic bells strung together, and when the feet move, they produce the sound that enhances the performance. People also call it as a musical anklet.

  1. Necklace

This part of the accessories offers a wide variety to choose from because the designs and range are so big that they can confuse you. It starts with the economical “Tagdi Moti” and can go up to a specific range and design of necklaces. You can buy authentic jewelry for Kathak from online shops like Voylla. It has a wide range of jewelry. And, you can use Voylla Offers Today to purchase jewelry at a reasonable price.

  1. Bindi

It is a small accessory but has a significant effect on your look. It varies from size and depends on you what size you want. They are available on various shapes and designs as well. It is one of the essential accessories that Indian women use to put on in functions.

  1. Flower Gajra

They are available in both artificial and natural forms. You can find natural gajra easily. But for a long time use, people mostly prefer artificial gajra. It is made up of flowers and used to decorate your head. There are various flowers gajra are available you can go as per your choice.

  1. Bangles

They are also one of the vital parts of the whole outfit. It depends on you need several bracelets or one in each hand. The bangle creates an attractive and classic appearance of the dancer. If you match them with the rest of your outfit properly, it can be surprising because the contrast of complete outfit and accessories makes your look classic.

  1. Wigs

This is another must-have accessory for the dancer that has short hair. The wigs help to improve your appearance as a whole. It is seen that long hair in Kathak adds an edge to the dancer’s appearance. You can choose the wigs as per your look and need.

  1. Long Chains

Some dancer prefers to use the long chain for their accessories. In common languages, people call it “Haaram.” This also depends on the length you prefer to use in your dance. Because sometimes the long-chain can offer hurdles while performing some body movements. This is the reason that most dancers choose their chain length wisely. It should be not too long and not too short as well.

  1. Hair Pins

They are small but plays a vital role in making your look complete. These hairpins are used to pin your hair at specific points. The proper adjustment of hair is possible with the help of these pins. It is a small but important part of the look.

  1. Nose Studs

They are available in a wide range of variety, from gold to artificial. The professional dancer usually prefers the gold studs. The studs are available in various sizes and shapes. They are of multiple types, and you can choose stone stud jewelry, Gold nose studs, and bullakku nose studs. These are some common examples that dancers usually prefer to use.

Concluding Notes

India has various dance forms, and Kathak is quite popular among them. People from north India usually perform Kathak. But in reality, it does not matter where you belong. If you love dancing, you can do the Kathak. These are the must-have accessories for a kathak dancer because these accessories make your look at bit edgier. These small accessories improve your outfit and offer an excellent look for your performance.

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