The third Aegis: meet Faith !


The third Aegis Faith reveals himself and he is joining the fight against the Nightmares A wizard has to believe in him, in his capacity and in the magic himself. Faith is what characterizes all this certainty that our erudite has to control in order to practice his art at its higher level. Armed with just his convictions, he must have an iron will while fighting hordes of nightmare (Indeed he is someone fighting draped only with cloth).       Hopefully, the power of Faith is not in his outfit (really chic by the way, you can be both … –>

End of the PayPal and WiiU Stretch goal reached!


Good news everyone! Given the fact that the game’s release is coming soon, we’ve decided to close the PayPal campaign. The question which is certainly on your minds now : was this campaign a success ? Well… We’re bringing you today an excellent news : Thanks to you, Pankapu will be released on Nintendo home console! Pankapu The Dreamkeeper will well and truly be released on WiiU on 2017! (Or NX, who knows ?!) It’s such a great honor to think that our own small game has got bigger and will be associated to those that brought us so much … –>

Omnia Express n°3


Hi everyone and welcome aboard the Omnia Express n°3, our monthly rendez-vous about the recent progress of Pankapu: the Dreamkeeper. Today’s schedule: Reveal of a new threat A strange artifact has been spotted above the Peppu Forest Focus on the work of Ganaé, one of our composers. So, sit back, relax and here we go!! Do you remember the end of the second Omnia Express ? … What ? You haven’t seen it yet ? Unacceptable! You must fix that, right here, right now! As I was saying, a few weeks ago, we showed you a small video of Pankapu getting grabbed and thrown by some mysterious monster… … –>