Omnia Express n°5


Omnia Express n°5 Hello everyone, how are you? As for us, everything’s going smoothly… Though the heat is killing us with our (Northern) sunny exposure, greenhouse effect bonus, but we’re not afraid of anything, and this heat only strengthens our determination! Besides, today, we would like to present you our latest progress, because we’re working hard here 😉 Today’s schedule: a focus on the menu and one on the collectables. This will give you a better idea of what you’ll be able to do and meet in the world of Dreams. All aboard the Omnia Express, here we go! We … –>

Omnia Express n°4


Hello everyone! Welcome aboard the Omnia Express n°4, your monthly rendez-vous about the progress of Pankapu! We hope you’re doing great! The game’s production is going very well. And today, we have a big announcement to make about the definitive format of the Pankapu games… Don’t worry, we won’t have you wait any longer: let’s go aboard the Omnia Express! Indeed, you’ve read that right, we’ve made the decision to divide the game into two games, or rather, two seasons – Season 1: Pankapu – The Dreamkeeper – Season 2: Pankapu – The Nightseeker (working titles) This will then allow … –>

The third Aegis: meet Faith !


The third Aegis Faith reveals himself and he is joining the fight against the Nightmares A wizard has to believe in him, in his capacity and in the magic himself. Faith is what characterizes all this certainty that our erudite has to control in order to practice his art at its higher level. Armed with just his convictions, he must have an iron will while fighting hordes of nightmare (Indeed he is someone fighting draped only with cloth).       Hopefully, the power of Faith is not in his outfit (really chic by the way, you can be both … –>