Grow Your Home Sales with Real Estate SEO Tips

The real estate industry is growing with time. People are investing more in lands than businesses to earn significant amounts in no time. Therefore, the demand for realtors, and real estate agencies have increased in 2020.

As more and more people are looking for land and properties to invest in, the supply of real estate services has also increased online. The best way to cater to more people online is by establishing a brand name and online presence, which can be in the form of a website. A real estate website is the first thing a customer seeks while planning to buy some land or sell a house.

There are numerous real estate agencies with well-developed websites, however, not all appear on the search results of the search sites. Therefore, it is recommended to follow a real estate SEO strategy to improve your websites’ Google ranking.

What is an SEO strategy?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. An SEO strategy is a roadmap through which a website can increase its web traffic, leads, and conversions. It involves the process of planning, developing, and implementing steps to improve the website’s overall search ranking which ultimately helps in increasing page views and leads to sales growth.

Why Real Estate Website SEO?

Research indicates that almost 80% of the home seekers search for online channels to gain property insights. In this era of digitalization, it is the main aim of any company to facilitate the ultimate customer by providing online solutions. In the case of a real estate firm, 42% of the buyers search for homes online thus having a real estate website ranked on the top pages requires real estate SEO services. These services can be outsourced by SEO professionals or can be built in-house.

Moreover, investing in SEO of a website is a long yet profitable investment. Proper strategies can help businesses double their sales and profit margins in the long run. When a website is not ranked on the first pages of the search result, there is a greater probability that customers may prefer competitors’ services. Hence to provide a competitive edge some SEO tips should be followed to better rank the web page.

  • Try to solve visitor’s queries
  • Include industry related keywords
  • Focus on local business listing

Try to solve visitor’s queries:

It is important to focus on the problem rather than brag about your company’s services. What should the real estate website focus on? The answer relies on its target market!

People looking for homes online want detailed information about the available properties, the communities, the overall area demographics, and the buying process. Also, including a financial calculator to facilitate the visitors is vital for increasing the visitors’ on-page time. This helps in improving the website rankings as well. More people are persuaded by what others have to say about the realtors’ services, therefore, highlighting video or other testimonials alongside property images is recommended for lead generation.

The best page to demonstrate these ideas is the homepage. A homepage is the first page any visitor view when they click on the weblink. Therefore, highlights of such facts and figures should be shown on the homepage to make people search more on that website. This creates attraction and adds the viewer’s interest to search more regarding the service providers.

Include industry related keywords:

SEO is all about playing with keywords to help rank a website. For a real estate firm it is important to study the top industry keywords to help search engines work that way. Incorporating those keywords in the web content plays a vital role in building up the ranks.

A keyword must be based on the topic of discussion so that it is relevant to the searchers’ query otherwise it will help in driving traffic but converting that would not be easy. The main point is to convert the web traffic to potential clients to increase sales, so use keywords wisely in the form of a blog post, research, or an on-site article.

Focus on the local business listing:

To generate more sales locally, a local SEO strategy can be applied to a real estate website. It slightly differs from an orthodox one, as it targets the local market only. The benefit is assured as the local market will become aware of a local real estate agency.

To focus on providing local services local content should be created in the form of a city-related blog post, customer review, or by showing city properties. Including your business in the local business listing also helps in informing people locally. Sharing local contact details, addresses, and information assures the presence and availability of the service provider, thus encouraging locals to visit the website for further details.

Hence, it can be stated that gaining clients is easy if real estate firms focus on its’ website SEO strategies to help generate more relevant, local, and convertible traffic. It all lies in improving the web ranks and making it appear on the initial search results with the help of targeted keywords.

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