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How to install WhatsApp on Laptop/PC [Windows 10]

How to install Whatsapp on Laptop

Whatsapp is a messaging app and text type app. It will become very popular and trending these days. WhatsApp on Laptop accepts messages on pc and desktop and mobile phones. It will help us to group chatting and group calls. It will be helping our messages and phone and video calls. It will be working mobile data and wifi and hotspot.

Whatsapp will start in 2009. The founder of WhatsApp is Brain Acton and Jan Koum and employs. These members of an American city. Now he is very popular in all countries. How to use WhatsApp in laptop is using so many members these days. It will be very useful these days and a very good Android App.

How to install Whatsapp on Laptop

Features of WhatsApp on PC/Windows 10

  • Whatsapp is a text type messaging app.
  • message to so many members at one time.
  • it will be free phone calling and video calling through the internet. you can send anything in this app.
  • it will help chats of a group and sharing photos and videos and status and so many things.
  • this using phone and desktop and laptop.

How to  update WhatsApp on Laptop/PC

You can simply update WhatsApp in phone google stores. It will be any update come update message in your phone in WhatsApp. you will update your message will come in will be supported and help us. the latest version has new things and features.

How to take backup and restore in WhatsApp?

It will be very simple. He will do renaming in local data. Go to google drive and save to our drive .then reinstall WhatsApp. Then will restore our data renaming data. This way to do in WhatsApp in reinstall in phone or desktop.

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What are the new things about WhatsApp?

Whatsapp is so many features like

  1. darkness
  2. self-destructing mode
  3. hide muted status
  4. splash screen.

what are the advantages of WhatsApp?

  • It will be very used in mobile.
  • WhatsApp is use completely free.
  • WhatsApp calling and video calling and group chats.
  • It will install anywhere in the world.

What are the disadvantages of WhatsApp?

  1. Your profile is visible people contact you.
  2. only android phones are supported.
  3. It will be risking our spouse or friends.

Conclusion for running Whatsapp on windows 10 Laptop.

Whatsapp is a good app saving time and money. it can create anything but it will use clearly and properly. it can consider side effects like mainly health problems .it will be to do improve your communication skills.

The purose of whatsapp.

Whatsapp on laptop  is a free downloader messanger for smartphone and laptop. Whatsapp on sending messages and pictures and videos. These service very simillar to do messages . Whatsapp use is to text message through internet.Whatapp is less cost to texting through internet.

How to whatsapp istall on laptop.

  • 1.First open internet and go to whatsapp web.
  • 2.Now open your phone are pc to overflow button to at the top corner.
  • 3.Now you  click on whatsappweb  and click on ok button.
  • 4.Now open your and scan QR code on phone and scan code on your mobile.
  • 5.Now you can log on phone or pc/laptop.

Security of whatsapp

Whatsapp on pc  has so many advanced features in security .It will be very smart and easy to do chating. The sender any message from the receiver are has notification on mobile. Whatsapp could not to do read anything wanted  become him. This app does not store any personal  information and you can approve contact messages you.

In this app you can open your account secured password are there. You can open another phone you got otp on your phone and enter otp togo next. Group messages can have some privacy secured and blocked messages any one in your contacts. Still your group messages you can see.

Difference between whatsapp and regular texting.

SMS  uses ia a  cellular network to allow on people to send short and urgent an important messages, WhatsApp on laptop  is an instant messaging is  that is most effective and regular  for subscriber  that are always connected to the internet and wifi  want to have a more engaging mobile conversation with their peers and connections.

Safer text on whatapp.

Whatsapp is an more secure than sms. Whatsapp shouli be very open source source can be vetted on pc. You can more signal app on secure communication which is even better than any one app is whatapp. It is very good technology app any another app.

How to install Whatsapp on Laptop

Whatsapp ia an completely private app.

Whatapp control over can view status on smartphone. Then contact list is huge become to pick and chose a person share on status on our phone.

I know if someone is checking me on WhatsApp on my phone.

It can be find  to  be easy. Now download and install and open the whatsapp ( SCAN ) button and run for few minutes and it will be shortly show the who have checked my whatsapp on last 24 hours on my whatsapp. It is the  check our last who used our whatsapp.

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