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What are the best destinations to receive 2020?


The city of love is one of the most popular destinations to celebrate New Year’s Eve, a party that in France is called Réveillon. The romantic character of Paris, with the small cafes, theaters, and illuminated museums, make a getaway to the French capital at this time a success.

That night the Champs Elysees become the setting for a fairy tale. Along the long avenue that connects the Arc de Triomphe with the Place de la Concorde – two of the most important tourist attractions in the city – millions of lights illuminate the city.

But there is still more. While at the Eiffel Tower you can witness an incredible light show, in the Montmartre district awaits you, in addition to art, the party, and a great entertainment program. And it is that in Paris there are options for everyone.

Thus, while some French people like to receive the year enjoying a glass of champagne, others prefer to give it their all in the Latin Quarter, the traditional destination for students and where the night has no end.

Finally, if your trip is with your family, Paris can also be your ideal destination, and there is nothing more magical for the little ones at home than spending that night at Disneyland Paris.


Saying goodbye to the year in New York is the dream of many and, it is not surprising since it is one of the five best destinations in the world to celebrate that moment.

New Year’s Eve in Times Square has become a phenomenon that is broadcast live worldwide. The famous ball lit with LED lights is a symbol of that great day: it rises at 6:00 p.m. and at 11:59 p.m. it descends for 60 seconds from the One Times Square building. When the descent ends, during the first second of the new year, clouds of confetti rain down on the square.

Of course, make sure you get a ticket because that night only those who have entrance will be able to access Time Square, since from hours before that area has been fenced by the police.

Seeing the fireworks from the Brooklyn Bridge, with those spectacular views of Manhattan, can be another great plan.


If you prefer not to leave the continent, London is also a great option for a unique experience.

London celebrates New Year’s Eve on December 31 in a big way with some of the world’s most famous fireworks. This fireworks show takes place at the London Eye after the bells of Big Ben announce that the new year has arrived. At that time, the fires illuminate the famous London Ferris Wheel and the sky to the rhythm of the music that plays through the speakers located on the banks of the Thames.

For many years the New Year’s Eve fireworks event in London was free. In order to go you simply had to have the patience to wait for several hours on your feet. However, for some time now, for security reasons and due to the large number of people who attended the event each year, a ticket system has been created to have control over the maximum capacity.

However, it is possible to see the fireworks for free from the highest points in the city, such as the Primrose Hill or Hampstead Heath parks. It is also possible to admire them live from some restaurants with views. A perfect plan if you also want to dine in one of the best establishments in London.


This historical and traditional city dresses up to welcome the New Year in style. During the night of December 31 in Rome, people gather around the table and enjoy numerous delicacies, until the chimes arrive and with them, the expected dish: lentils and cotechino (a kind of pork sausage). Lentils are considered by the Romans as a symbol of money and therefore of wealth and prosperity for the New Year: lentils are counted as they are eaten, so the more they are counted, the more money one will have.

The party comes after New Year’s Eve dinner, with party favors in discos or dinners that include a pack with the entrance to parties and the right to drink.

Before and after the chimes there are also concerts, such as classical music in the Auditorium, or the usual concert of great Italian artists in the Imperial Forum, where thousands and thousands of Romans gather.

In the afternoon a good plan is to stop by the Christmas markets of Piazza Navona, where on the occasion of the festivities stalls are offered offering from Christmas decorations (nativity scenes, trees, balls, dolls of the Befana Witch …) to products to eat and drink typical of this time of year.


Christmas in Budapest is pure magic. Since November the entire city has become a real Christmas fair, and the Hungarian capital can boast of having some of the most beautiful and spectacular Christmas markets in Europe.

There are many things you can do in Budapest, not only at New Year’s Eve but throughout the Christmas period. Thus, you can ride one of its trams decorated with thousands of lights and enjoy beautiful views of the Danube; skate on the Municipal Park ice rink, one of the oldest and largest in Europe; take a dip in the outdoor pools of the famous Széchenyi Bath; or go see The Nutcracker at the Erkel Theater.

Finally, New Year’s Eve – Szilveszter in Hungarian – is like a big carnival as many people dress up on this day. Dinners, street parties, concerts, and Danube cruises can make saying goodbye to the year in Budapest a very romantic and unforgettable plan


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