How to start a game blog?

Starting a game blog is quite a beautiful thing to do. But, it will only appeal to those who have an interest in gaming or sports. So, if you are reading this post, then I am sure that you are also one of those who want to start a successful gaming blog.

The very first thing that you need to understand here is that you should always start a blog on WordPress self-hosted platform. The big reason why I recommend WordPress is that it allows complete customization and gives you total control over your blog content.

To start a game blog, you need to take care of many things.

Some of the most important things are;

  • Niche or micro-niche selection
  • Domain name selection
  • Reliable Hosting
  • Gaming theme for your WordPress blog.

After that you need to deal with;

  • Important pages
  • Write new posts every day
  • Promotion

Here I will cover each point to make it easy for you to understand everything.

Multi niche or micro-niche:

The game blog you want to start can be a multiniche or micro-niche. You can start a blog that covers everything related to android games, PlayStation games, Xbox games, etc.

Or you can choose a micro-niche and only cover the PlayStation games.

It depends upon you that which niche you decide. But only go for the niche where you have the passion. Because in the long run, your passion will make you write and work for the success of your game blog.

Domain name:

Domain name selection is the crucial part of the blogging game.

First, you need to decide a creative name for your blog and then buy the similar domain name.

Here one thing that you should care about is that the domain you are buying must have .com.

.Com domains are easy to find and easy to remember for a layman person.

Make sure that you never use slangs or jumble words in your domain name. Avoid copyright issues or brand names in your domain name.

Godaddy is the big name in domain name industry.

Web Hosting:

It is essential only to choose a reliable and paid web hosting. There is free web hosting available, but on such hosting, you will never have complete control on your blog. Free hosting is slow and lack pro-level customization.

Paid hosting service offers you complete support. It is crucial as you have to deal with errors and issues.

Bluehost, HostGator, siteground are the popular web hosting service providers.

Premium gaming theme:

Never choose a free theme for your gaming blog.

Because free themes have a lot of issues such as; no support, and malicious codes.

Buying a premium theme for your game blog will ensure security. You will also get support from the theme provider and free updates.

Updates are significant to keep your game blog safe. So, always choose a premium game theme for your wordpress blog.

After connecting your theme, domain name and web hosting, now you have other important things to do.

Create important pages:

Important pages are the must-have pages for every blog or website. Without these pages, your game blog will never be counted as user friendly.

About us, contact us, privacy policy, disclaimer, etc. are the few essential pages that you must create before writing a blog post.

About us, a page is the most visited page of any website. Make sure that you add every vital information about your blog and also about yourself on this page.

Start writing blog posts:

Now, this is the step where most of the newbie bloggers make a mistake.

Do not jump to write anything. First, do research.

Research the topic, collect data, and use this data to create a highly informational article.

Cover all the essential points and queries related to that topic. This will make your article a complete guide for the visitor.

Readers like to find a complete solution in one page, so it will help you build trust and convert your visitors into subscribers.

Before you write the article, you also need to focus on the SEO point.

Use heading tags, keywords and create the content in a storytelling style.

Remember: your content must target search engines and readers also.

Now if you think you know everything about starting a sports blog and making it successful, then you are missing one crucial thing.

And that is a promotion.


Promotion is an important part of blogging. Without promoting your gaming blog, you will not find initial visitors.

Cross channel promotion is necessary. For this purpose, you need to create profiles and pages on social networks such as Facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Share your content regularly on these social channels and make the visitors share your content. This will increase the social ranking and traffic to your blog.

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