Top Five Social Work Case Management Software

Social Work Case Management software helps human service organizations and social workers and in implementing service programs and tracking client information and service delivery. If you are a social worker, then you know how important the right tools can be. One of the best new tools the age of technology has given us is software programmed for just about any profession and social work. And it is essential to have the right equipment, online with the load, notes, results, and responsibilities of the customers.


Four key components for successful case management

The correct implementation of the four components is a need for client success. For human service organizations of all sizes, these four components are crucial, and they are:


The meeting between a case manager and a new client is an intake. For a mutual understanding between both, this is a crucial time. The case manager collects demographic information about the client during this time. He/she identifies the client’s immediate needs, establishes trust, and builds a professional relationship with the client. The case manager determines whether the client would enjoy the services or not. Sometimes the needs of the client don’t match with the services of the organization. The case manager identifies and refers to any other resources.

Needs Assessment

In this component, a case manager identifies the problems and interests of the client. He uses the information of the earlier stage.

The case manager understands more about the client’s challenges and goals. This stage makes the bond stronger between the organization and the client.

Service Planning

A case manager makes specific goals and the strategy to meet those goals. This stage is important for the success or failure of the client. In this stage, all measures about outputs and outcomes get placed on the plan. A complete sketch of the whole process is being made achievable and measurable.

Monitoring and Evaluation

To understand the impact of specific service on a customer evaluation is important. For this, the case manager uses output and outcome metrics. Evaluation ensures the client’s quality success.


Here are the top 5 Social Work case management software air with their specifications and pros and cons.

1. CharityTracker

CharityTracker is software for Social work case management introduced by Simon Solution. This online service connects charitable organizations within a community. It allows them to communicate in real-time with clients. It also helps in tracking client records. This software is a HIPAA-compliant, and it also provides cloud-based collaboration. The markets of this software are India, Australia, Canada, and Germany. The common supportive language of this software is English. Apart from these countries, this software is also available in the United Kingdom and the USA.

It can gather and report statistical data used for resource development, strategic planning, and disaster relief. This data is also helpful for measuring outcomes and reducing duplication.


  • The software provides Free trial so that one could test the software.
  • Support all business sizes- Small, Medium, and Large.
  • Cloud-based collaboration.
  • Easy-to-use layout supporting PC.


  • Non-spreadsheet attendance system. Attendance is available one at a time.
  • Pulling reports is difficult.
  • Difficult navigation.
  • No client Photo option.

2. Penelope

A cloud-based case management software platform designed by Athena Software. Penelope brings all aspects of an organization’s plan into a comprehensive system. Designed to coordinate and improve service delivery. Outcomes, service plans, workflows, and scheduling are all in one place with this. Penelope supports a growing suite of client engagement options. These include the Add.Me self-intake web form and bulk upload tool. It also includes a mobile client portal named ClientConnect. It allows an organization’s clients to complete documentation, all from their mobile device. It allows users to book appointments and make payments by mobile. This software saves the administrative time of the customer. The market of this software is Australia, Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The common support language is English.


Penelope has many advantages. They are:

  • It supports PCs and also has a mobile client portal.
  • Apart from a large business, it is also suitable for a medium size.
  • Outstanding guidance and technical support
  • Easy report pulling.
  • Simple billing.


There are some drawbacks of this software, including:

  • Quite hard navigation.
  • Poor UI.
  • Time taking data entry.
  • Unavailability of the dashboard.
  • Sometimes sign off in a very short period.


3. KaleidaCare

KaleidaCare is from Austin, TX. It is a comprehensive, secure, online system built for social service organizations. It has served over 25 years and more than 250 different social service agencies. It has served throughout the United States, Canada, Kenya, Mexico, and Guam. KaleidaCare offers agencies the very latest in applied processes, and outcome tracking techniques. This software has been developed and tested by leading care providers.

KaleidaCare’s software is easy-to-use and easy-to-implement. It focuses on customer support and teamwork. The primary features of KaleidaCare include an executive reporting system and financial tools. It also includes process automation, electronic approval, home track, and more. The platform allows users to complete standard documentation with tools, including Incident Reports. The platform also comes with extra modules, such as a 360 dashboard and a mileage tracker. Dynamic workflow and revenue cycle management make this software an excellent online service.


  • Document management and assessment trackers make this social work case management software more reliable
  • Integrated alerts and notifications
  • Third-party applications such as Appointment-Plus and Google Calendar.
  • Available for all sizes of business.
  • Excellent customer service.


  • Some of the customs forms do not work efficiently as the standard forms.
  • Time taking documentation.
  • Difficult record management.
  • No trial attempts available.
  • Outdated layout.

4. CaseWorthy

CaseWorthy is scalable case management software designed to support the community-led services of nonprofit organizations. It is a flexible, customizable solution to match diverse deployment needs. CaseWorthy’s outcomes aim, the organization-wide platform automates data management and funder compliance processes. Organizations thus reconfigure key areas of the solution, including workflows and data dashboards.

The app builder development tool provides service eligibility rules and searchable queries. The flexibility makes case data management across a multitude of community programs possible. The flexibility such as employment, volunteer management, reentry, education, utility help, and more.


  • Support all business sizes.
  • CaseWorthy Connect also delivers a two-way web portal to provide secured database access
  • Reporting facilities enable the running of analytics generation of charts or graphs.
  • Integration capabilities for scan cards, email / SMS communications, and electronic signature capture
  • Easy to customize


  • Confusing database or panel. Due to a lot of options, the options panel is confusing.
  • Outdated layout.
  • Harder navigations.
  • No free trial available.
  • Expensive than others.

5. CiviCore

CiviCore is a Social Work Case Management Software. Organizations can streamline administrative tasks from one centralized platform. There is a built-in activity tracker that helps users to track attendance. The market of this software in Canada and the USA with supportive language is English. It allows organizations to create reports with charts/graphs and data. It can be exported directly to Excel.


  • Easy-to-use layout and dashboard.
  • Volunteers can be tracked and managed directly
  • Surveys and assessments can administer to aid in running programs.
  • Attractive layout and design
  • The quick response of functions


  • No free trial available.
  • Setting up new reports/queries can be confusing.
  • The complexity with which the programs are inbuilt.
  • Complex reporting.
  • It is a little expansive.

Social Work Case Management Software has made management easy and convenient for all. With the help of any of these online services, organizations can achieve their goals effectively. A case manager can provide success to his client by following the key components of social work case management.

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